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School years

 Speaking

At School

  • When did you go to school?

  • When and what school did you finish?

  • What schools did you go through?

  • How many pupils were there in your class?

  • Did you wear a uniform? What was it like?

  • Was your school far from the house? How did you

get there?

  • What was your school like? Describe it.

  • How did students know which class to go?

  • Was your class ever divided into groups? When?

  • When did the school year begin? How long did it last? How long was the school day?

Exercise 1

Recollect your school days. Work in pairs. Tell a partner about a hard-working student in your class and one who couldn’t care less about his/her exams. What do they do now?
Exercise 2

Work in pairs. Discuss your work at school. Use the following phrases:

be a genius; a mark for an answer; a mark in a subject; be a top/bottom student; be at odds with; be bored with; be good/bad at; be obliged; do a lot of swotting; do well/badly; enjoy studying; give/get a mark; have ability/a gift; lead the class in; put in a lot of reading; slave at one’s books; spend a lot of time practising; spend one’s time on books; to swot; to loathe; win all the prizes in the exams; work with relish and application; to be at the top/bottom of the class.

 Listening

Part A

Listen to three people talking about the schools they used to go. Tick the topic each one talks

about. Were the speakers happy at school?









Part B

Listen to the cassette again. Decide whether these statements are true or false.

  • Louise lived at her school

  • Louise liked her uniform

  • Jim used to have lunch at school

  • Most of Jim’s teachers were old

  • Debbie didn’t like her school

  • Debbie used to go to a pub with one of her friends

What does Louise remember about her teachers?

What does Jim like about his uniform?

What does Debbie remember about homework and punishments?

Did you have much homework to do? What subjects took most of the time?

Did you have favourite subjects? What were they?

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