Open the brackets and use the Complex Object

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  • Open the brackets and use the Complex Object.

Example: He expected (they, arrive) at 5. — He expected them to arrive at 5.

1. Do you want (they, stay) at the hotel or with us? 2. I'd like (the professor, look through) my report. 3. Do you want (I, show) you the sights of the city? 4. We expect (he, arrange) everything by the time we come. 5.1 want (she, tell) me the news in brief. 6. He expected (the meeting, hold) in the Red Room. 7.1 would like (they, fix) an appointment for me for Tuesday. 8. We want (she, introduce) us to the president. 9.1 don't want (they, be late) for dinner. 10. He expected (she, invite) to the party by the Smiths. 11. I'd like (the dress, bxiy) by Saturday. 12.1 don't want (she, treat) like Alice. 13. We considered (he, be) an honest person. 14.1 don't like (she, prevent) me from doing it. 15.1 suspect (he, help) by her.

  • Combine the sentences using the Complex Object.

Example: I did not see him. He entered the house, — J did not see him enter the house. I saw him. He was entering the house. — / saw him entering the house.

1.They did not notice us. We passed by. 2. He heard her. She was playing the piano. 3. He saw her. She burst into tears. 4.1 felt her hand. It was shaking. 5. He hasn't heard us. We called his name. 8. They haven't seen the accident. It occurred at the corner. 7.1 heard them. They were arguing. 8. She heard the footsteps. They were dying away. 9. She felt something. It was crawling around her neck. 10. We many times heard him. He told this story. 11. She noticed the expression of his face. It changed suddenly. 12.1 heard somebody. He mentioned my name. 13.1 felt something hard. It hurt my leg.
- Change complex sentences into sentences with the Complex Object.

1.1 did not expect that she would forget about my birthday. 2. She saw how the children were playing in the park. 3. Do you know that he went abroad two days ago? 4.1 like to watch how she dances. 5. She could hardly believe that he had been rescued. 6. He expects that everybody will be ready to do this work. 7.1 don't like when the children are late for dinner. 8. Don't

consider that he is a hero. He is an ordinary man. 9. I've heard how he was arguing with his father. 10.1 suspect that he has taken my money. 11. She likes to watch how the sun sets. 12.1 hate when people shout at each other. 13. They suppose that he will cope with this work. 14. I've heard how she was crying. 15. We expect that he will solve this problem soon.

- Open the brackets and use the proper form of the Complex Object.

1. Where is Nick? — I saw (he, talk) to Kate a few minutes ago. 2, Parents always want (their children, be) the best. 3.1 wouldn't like (such valuable presents, give) to me. 4.1 noticed (he, write) something and (pass) it to Alice. 5. We suppose (they, apologize) to us. 6. She watched (the stars, sparkle) in the dark sky. 7. I did not expect (he, behave) in such a way. 8. We don't want (our planet, pollute). 9.1 heard (he, work) in his study at night. 10. They expected (he, buy) a more expensive car.

- Open the brackets and write the correct form of the infinitive.

1. The doctor wanted the patient___

a) to examine

b) to be examined

c) being examined

2. There are a lot of people who expect your country ___the same as their own.

a) not to be

b) not being

c) not be

3. Did you hear the chairman___an announcement?

a) to make

b) making

c) be made

4. When I was waiting in the hall, I saw a girl___with a file in her hand.

a) came out

b) to come out

c) come out

5. Nobody expected the president of the company___ to the party.

a) coming

b) to come

c) come

6. I saw him___round the corner and___.

a) turn, disappear

b) to turn, to disappear

c) turning, disappearing

7. She noticed the children___behind the tree but pretended to see nothing.

a) hiding

b) to hide

c) to be hidden

8.1 want his article___in November.

a) to publish

b) to be published

c) publishing

9. He did not expect her___about it.

a) to be asked

b) ask

c) asking

10. We did not want his speech___.

a) to interrupt

b) to be interrupted

c) interrupt

-Translate into English using the Complex Object.

1. Я не ожидал, что этот полицейский будет таким невежливым (impolite) человеком. 2. Мы бы хотели, чтобы вы доставили (deliver) товары к концу июня. 3. Я ожидал, что ее пригласят туда. 4. Они не ожидали, что его спросят об этом. 5. Я слышал, как его имя несколько раз упоминалось на собрании. 6. Он не заметил, как мы подошли к нему. 7. Вы видели, как они над чем-то смеялись? 8. Мы не ожидали, что об этом объявят (announce) по радио. 9. Мне бы хотелось, чтобы она сказала нам, что она будет делать сегодня вечером. 10. Я думаю, что сегодня вы услышите, как она поет. 11. Когда он услышал, что его сын плачет, он встал и пошел в детскую комнату (nursery). 12. Я бы хотел, чтобы никто не брал мои вещи.


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